Date of publishing: 11/06/2023

In my way of styling as well as in my regular daily life, I use a lot of layering in my outfits. The reason I do this is because it gives some extra dimension to your looks. It also can keep you extra warm during the colder days. But there are also ways you can layer your outfits in summer and not feel like you’re melting under the sun. I’ve deconstructed different levels of layers to help you elevate your outfits and understand layering better.


This one might be a little obvious but it all starts with the right underwear. It might sound a bit unusual but underwear can play a huge part in the right outfits. Whether it’s a simple tank top to be able to unbutton your shirt lower, or if it’s the waistband of the right boxer that you want to display. This first layer can also really make a difference even if you can’t see it. When it’s cold outside, a thermal shirt can keep you warm underneath that long sleeve t-shirt. As opposed to being cold, a lace or mesh tank top can really spice up an outfit in the summer and it doesn’t add extra heat because they’re breathable fabrics.


The second layer is the primary base layer. It often exists out of a top and a bottom. It can be basically anything, a basic t-shirt with jeans, a dress shirt and some formal trousers or even if it’s just a dress. I tend to go with neutral colors with this layer because if you’re going to add two more layers on top it might come across as a bit too much. HOWEVER, if you’re a maximalist that loves prints, colors and a lot of different textures, no one is stopping you from wearing that neon green top with those zebra print trousers.


This layer is where most people tend to stop with layering. And that’s perfectly fine. In summer I also gravitate to wearing only three layers just because I like to keep things simple and breathable. The third layer is the layer where were adding a jacket. This could be anything from a blazer, a denim jacket or a kimono even. A lot of people are inclined to forget that you could also layer you’re bottom half. A simple way to do this is to put a skirt on top of your trousers. But you could also layer a midi or mini skirt on top of a maxi skirt. This is a very fun way to layer your outfits in the summer because even though its 2 layers, it still has the breathability of the skirt if you choose the right fabric combination.


The fourth layer is very depending on the weather. I use this layer a lot when it’s very cold or raining a lot. A great way to add dimension to the previous layers is to add a nice coat. Of course, there are a lot of different coats but it’s all depending on the weather. When it’s raining, I favor a trench coat. It’s very simple but very stylish and also very timeless. When it’s mostly just cold I choose to wear a good quality, lined wool coat. It’s a great way to keep warm and if you invest in a nice basic color, you can wear it every year. If it’s a bit warmer you can wear a coat as a third layer as well. A nice thin trench coat can also be very appropriate for summer if you don’t enjoy going outside in just a t-shirt or a sleeveless button-up like I do.


Even though they’re not really an extra layer that you put on top of the coat, accessories are very important to an outfit. It’s the element of the outfit that really ties everything together. A pearl necklace can add an extra level of romance while a chain one can add a bit of edginess. We can also cannot forget the bag. It could be a clutch for a fancy night out but can also be that convenient yet stylish crossbody bag when going on a trip. Just keep the occasion and the colors of your outfit in mind and you’re all set. And finally, we have the shoes. The right pair of shoes can be the bow on the gift that is your fashion sense. Sneakers for a more streetwear look and pumps for that classy, business outfit or even a nice pair of loafers to give that certain amount of sophistication.

As you can see there are different layers that can help to make your outfit more interesting. Even if you only have basics in your closet, layering can still help you bring a great variety and diversity of styles to your wardrobe. Next to bringing more fu into your wardrobe, it is also a practical and versatile way to stay comfortable and adapt to changing weather conditions and it provides warmth in colder temperatures. By considering the fabric, thickness and style of each layer, you can create a cohesive and stylish outfit that fits your needs and preferences. So, next time you’re getting dressed consider layering your clothes for a stylish look.