By Noah Spee, in collaboration with Jolijn van Koppen.

An editorial shoot inspired by the thought of making people think about the gender binary and gender assigning fashion. This concept was created with as its source of inspiration: “The hall of mirror” at Chateau de Versailles. A castle with a hall filled with mirrors that force you to take a look at yourself. I knew I wanted to do something with the andrognous aspect of clothing, because skirts and heels are no longer only for girls. We decided to look at fashion without gender. A certain amount of people no longer identifies as man or woman or both. We need to see this and learn to accept this fact. 

A lot of people can’t put the thought of assigning a certain gender to a piece of clothing out of their heads. By doing this shoot we wanted to spread awareness that gender no longer plays a part in the world of fashion. We want people to realize that it IS possible and that feelings of shame and disgust no longer have to be associated with this ideal. People need to be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

We’ve brought this concept to life by using reflective surfaces and shiny fabrics. These represent the hall of mirrors in Chateau de Versailles and the mirrors to society with the purpose to make them reflect on themselves and their way of thinking. In addition to that, we have also used silhouettes that normally would not be associated with each other as a representation of “being different” and people wearing clothes that normally would not be associated with their gender.