By Noah Spee

A combined look book & editorial shoot inspired by the thought of making people think about the fact that differences can be really beautiful when they come together. I’ve decided to call this concept “Blending differences” because it’s all about blending a variety of different types of contrasts. I personally think the most beautiful things in life are created when you try to remove certain boundaries. Removing boundaries in contrasts is a powerful way to create dynamic and visually striking designs. Contrast is created when two or more elements are placed together that are different in some way, such as color, texture, shape, or size. By removing the boundaries between these contrasting elements, people can create a sense of tension, movement, and energy in their work. There are a few contrasts that I tried to focus on for this shoot. You have to think of contrasts like light and dark, clarity and unclear, clean and chaotic or masculinity and femininity. 

I’ve decided to do a blend of a lookbook style shoot and a more editorial style shoot to further accentuate the differences. The secret is that it also has a very personal touch to it. The clean look of the lookbook shoot and the chaotic side of the editorial shoot also represent the monstrous side society can have while looking beautiful on the outside.

let me elaborate. something that bothers me a lot is that society has the tendency to pretend to be accepting of anyone and everyone. To me, this is not always the case. There have been a lot of times that I, personally, have not felt accepted for the way I am. This shoot is a statement to encourage people to release their inner wild beast and be the as beautiful on the outside as they are inside.