I’ve created this concept in co-operation with photographer Marjolein from “Iconique Vision”. She came to me with the sentence: “Men aren’t boys?”. She interpreted this sentence as a rhetorical question. “So men are also boys” were the words she used. According to her there are three words that makes you notice that men can be boys too. Open-mindedness, Carefree and youthful. She asked me what I thought of it so I put my own twist on it.

SHOOT Reflecting gender

An editorial shoot inspired by the thought of making people think about the gender binary and gender assigning fashion. This concept was created with as its source of inspiration: “The hall of mirror” at Chateau de Versailles. A castle with a hall filled with mirrors that force you to take a look at yourself. I knew I wanted to do something with the andrognous aspect of clothing, because skirts and heels are no longer only for girls. We decided to look at fashion without gender. A certain amount of people no longer identifies as man or woman or both. We need to see this and learn to accept this fact.

SHOOT Blending differences

A combined look book & editorial shoot inspired by the thought of making people think about the fact that differences can be really beautiful when they come together. I’ve decided to call this concept “Blending differences” because it’s all about blending a variety of different types of contrasts. I personally think the most beautiful things in life are created when you try to remove certain boundaries. Removing boundaries in contrasts is a powerful way to create dynamic and visually striking designs. Contrast is created when two or more elements are placed together that are different in some way, such as color, texture, shape, or size. By removing the boundaries between these contrasting elements, people can create a sense of tension, movement, and energy in their work. There are a few contrasts that I tried to focus on for this shoot. You have to think of contrasts like light and dark, clarity and unclear, clean and chaotic or masculinity and femininity.